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At Northern Dreams Gymnastics, our goal is to provide safe, supportive, professionally instructed programs

at affordable rates in a positive, uplifting environment. 


All of our coaches and instructors at Northern Dreams Gymnastics are certified in their areas of expertise.

They attend continuing education and training on safety, spotting techniques, skills progressions and more.


Our Dream Catcher and Little Dreamer Programs allows children to enjoy exploration of both gymnastics and educational stations

which focus on beginner gymnastics skills, muscle development, and kinesthetic awareness.

Our Recreational Program includes Girls and Boys Gymnastics classes learning basic to advanced skills

which focus on balance, endurance, strength, and confidence building techniques.


Our Xcel Team Program is open to gymnasts who have

worked their way through the recreational programs or by invite from Team coaches. 

Athletes practice, perform, and compete in positive environments while learning self discipline and team unity.


To learn more about our gym or programs, please feel free to call or stop in.

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