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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Make-up Classes?

At Northern Dreams Gymnastics, we strive to keep our class sizes small so that our students receive the attention they deserve.  We prioritize our student’s class time, and we will not add students to a class that they are not scheduled for, as it is unfair to the kids who regularly attend that class. 


Since you paid for a spot in a class that is held on a specific day and time, we have fulfilled our obligation to you by holding the class at the time we promised with a qualified instructor.  


No refunds or credits will be given for a missed class.  We understand that unforeseen circumstances can happen which could affect your child’s attendance during the session causing them to miss multiple classes. We do our best to accommodate these situations.  Please reach out to Miss Erin to discuss any partial refund or credit.


If Northern Dreams has to cancel a class due to weather, building/utility issues, etc. we will schedule a make-up class, which is usually held the week following the current session’s end date.  

What Should My Child Wear?

  • Leotard, or shorts/sweats and a t-shirt tucked in

  • No socks or tights are allowed in our gymnastics classes

  • No skirts or dance leotards with an attached skirt in our gymnastics classes

  • No two-piece outfits that expose the stomach

  • Longer hair must be up and out of your child's face

  • No jewelry with the exception of stud earrings

Can I Stay and Watch my Child's Class?

  • You are welcome to stay and watch from the lobby area during your child's class, please note that space may be limited at certain times

  • If your child is in our Little Dreamers (4 & 5 yr old) class, we ask that you remain in the lobby area during class to assist with bathroom breaks or other unexpected events

  • We do have a waiting room with tables and chairs for parents and families.  Please note that this room does not have access to view the gym area

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